Faces of Eastland
12 Apr
31 Jul
Faces of Eastland
Introducing some inspiring members of our beautiful Eastland community

We are so proud of our unique, inspiring and beautiful Eastland community that we thought we would share the love by highlighting a range of customers, staff, suppliers and everyday faces that makes up the soul to this special community!


Retail Manager at Eastland

Nicole final

First up, we wanted to introduce you to Nicole, one of extraordinary retail managers who has been a part of the Eastland community for a long time, even though she is originally from Knoxfield! She plays an important role on the Eastland team and loves grabbing a coffee and cake from Reverie during her work day, and visiting the library for it’s beautiful learning, art and education spaces.
We love taking a sneak peek into Eastland’s heritage with Nicole’s recollection of former stores such as Brashs, and Downyflake Donut Shop!
While Eastland has physically changed, it still has that down to earth community spirit that it’s always had.

Owner of Crosscut Construction

shane final

Say hello to Shane! 👋🏼 He’s up next in our Faces of Eastland series, dedicated to celebrating the spirit and soul of our incredible community here in the East.
Shane or better known around Eastland as Shags is well and truly part of the fibre that makes up this community and team. Having worked across many variations of the centre across 15 years, he's been here from when Brash's was around and there used to be car shows in the top car park near Dimmey's! Who else remembers those days?
He even got a suit for his high school debutante ball from Eastland! When he’s not at work, you can find him enjoying a meal at Hunter & Barrell.
Thanks for being a part of team Eastland, Shane! We couldn’t do any of this without you.

Director of Best Digital Signs

Mark final

Meet Mark, your local designer and installer of Eastland’s signage, and our Face of Eastland for this week!
Having grown up in Vermont South, Mark is a born and bred local of the East, and spent many summers swimming in the pool and playing cricket on the weekends. In his younger years, you could often find him at the Eastland Newsagency below Fasta Pasta, pouring over comics and magazines.
It’s no coincidence he ended up studying Photojournalism before getting into print advertising and signage (and being at Eastland nearly every day installing something new!)..
As one of the most memorable moments of his career, Mark recalls a cut out of Rob Thomas once being taken by a group of fans at Eastland as he had gone to install it before a live appearance. He remembers watching the back of Rob's cardboard head bobbing through the shops while the fans chanted his name!
It’s been amazing to have Mark be a part of our team for over 15 years. He has pulled some enormous all nighters for some of our crazy events and centre developments over the years - we would be utterly lost without you Mark. 🙌

Event Coordinator and Peer Support Worker at Different Journeys
Emily FoE.JPG

Meet the inspiring Emily! Emily is the Event Coordinator and a Peer Support worker at Different Journeys, a service that provides access to social support and connections for autistic people. Emily regularly visits Eastland with her 12 year old autistic son, Lachlan. Visiting the shops has been a learning journey for Emily and Lachlan, but they enjoy coming to Eastland and visiting The Pancake Parlour and Timezone.
“Autism has taught me a different perspective of a shopping centre. Until Lachlan, I didn’t think twice about the sounds, smells and other sensory experiences that are more challenging for some to manage than others.”
“A real challenge for an Autistic person is to navigate the overwhelming sensory experience that Timezone is, which takes meticulous planning, additional support and working to support my son as much as possible to give him the same experiences as others.”
Emily and Lachlan have shared many special moments at Eastland, including Santa photos and mothers group catch ups when Lachlan was a baby. They also love exploring local parks in the area together. We’re in awe of Emily and the incredible and generous work she does in the community, while being a super mum and raising Lachlan. Thank you to Emily for sharing her family’s story and providing insight into the different ways people can experience a visit to a busy shopping centre.

Station Commander at Ringwood Police Station
FoE Adrian.JPG

Since he was a young boy riding around the East on his bike with friends, Adrian always wanted to be a police officer! Starting his career in 1993, he is now the Station Commander at Ringwood Police Station, where he’s had time in tactical response, instructing recruits and delivering in-service training.

Adrian has grown with us as Eastland has transformed over the years, and we’re grateful to work closely with Ringwood Police Station to support each other as well as the local community.

Property Assistant at Eastland

014Shane (1).JPG  
Today, we’re giving a big shout out the wonderful Shane, who has now retired from his position as Property Assistant here at Eastland where he has worked for over 4 and a half years.

From meeting his mother-in-law and wife for coffee on Fridays to being involved in the activation of JoJo Siwa from Nickelodeon, Shane has been a huge part of Eastland’s family and we’re so appreciative of Shane and all he’s done.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

When he’s not working, you’ll often find him in Gazman, his favourite store at Eastland (which will be a lot from tomorrow!), spending time with his wife and son, or on the golf course. Please join us in thanking Shane for his years of hard work and dedication at Eastland, and wishing him many amazing years of travelling, golfing, laughing and sleep-ins!

Faces of Eastland