Glen Park Emergency Relief Donation Point
Glen Park Emergency Relief Donation Point
Glen Park Community Centre is providing emergency relief to some of our most vulnerable Victorians this Christmas

Glen Park Community Centre provides emergency relief to some of our most vulnerable Victorians. Christmas is a time of the year where many families struggle to meet the daily demands of life whilst also providing some of the luxuries that many of us see simply as “tradition”.
2020 is a year like no other, the impact of the pandemic on our communities will be felt for years to come, so that's why this year we are providing a donation space in centre and we would love for you to donate this Christmas season.

Where can I donate?

Level one, Shop 1086 Fresh food area opposite Ferguson Plarre
Tuesday 1 - 24 December
To be confirmed

What can I donate?

They are seeking donations of non-perishable items such as tin food, dry pasta, rice, pet food, personal hygiene products, flour, long life milk and custard, coffee and tea as well as Christmas food items like lollies and treats. 
They are unable to accept donations that are beyond their used by date or have been open or damaged in any way. 

According to Foodbank’s latest hunger report it is believed that 25% or 1 in 4 residents in Victoria are accessing food relief at least once a week and 29% of food insecure residents in Victoria had never gone hungry before the pandemic. Charities in Victoria report that the demand for food relief in 2020 has increased on average by 47%, which is why we are asking you to donate to Glen Park's Emergency Relief program this Christmas. 

Glen Park already provides up to 1250kgs of food per month to the community, but without your support we can’t meet the increased demand at this time of the year.

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