Christmas Cards of the Eastern Suburbs
23 Nov
31 Dec
Christmas Cards of the Eastern Suburbs
We’re created a special Christmas card set highlighting icons of the Eastern suburbs just for you!

Whilst 2020 may have prevented some of our traditional fundraising events and celebrations at Eastland this Christmas, that doesn’t mean we can’t find special and unique ways to support our key charity partner, The Salvation Army this year.

We are thrilled to announce we have again partnered with local Maroondah artist, Pigeon Gillian to design and hand create five unique Christmas card designs in a set for sale this season, with all proceeds raised donated to the Ringwood Salvation Army.

Each card has been curated through a lino printmaking process in a home studio where Pigeon Gillian designed the series based on iconic Eastern suburbs landmarks, native wildlife and flora and fauna.
Eastland is proud of our beautiful region and historic landmarks, and wanted to share this with family, friends and neighbours during the magical Christmas time.

In addition to purchasing this exclusive Christmas card set, the recyclable green tote bags that were designed by Pigeon Gillian in 2019 are also available for purchase with proceeds raised also being donated to the Ringwood Salvation Army.

Where can I buy the exclusive Christmas card set and the recyclable green tote bags?
Location: Guest Services Level 2, outside Peter Alexander and Level B1 outside Valet
Dates: Monday 23 November - Thursday 24 December
Times: Centre hours
Price: Pack of Christmas cards $5; and Tote bags $1 and $2

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About artist Pigeon Gillian:

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I am a Scottish artist living and working in Melbourne, Australia. I live in the Eastern suburbs amongst the gum trees, kookaburras and parrots with my partner, two young children and our beagle. 

I studied Fine Art & Tapestry at Edinburgh College of Art, and since graduating I have travelled and lived in many exciting places, became an Art teacher and relocated to Australia. 

I realised after our daughter was born that I was yearning to make and to connect with others through my work. I vowed to myself when she was only a few weeks old, that I had to work harder at realising my dream of creating my own work more regularly, and with purpose. If not only to make myself proud, but also to be a good role model for our children.

My love of lino relief printmaking started when I was studying to become an Art Teacher in Glasgow. The technique had me totally hooked from the first print I made (even though my first print was terrible!). The hypnotic carving, rhythmical process, rich history and importance of drawing are all really attractive to me. Over the last 10 or so years, I have continued to work with lino printing and continue to be in love with it and the visual possibilities.

I seek inspiration from a wide range of sources, and in particular folk art, patterns, textures, story telling, music, cinema and books that I read.
You can be assured that each print I create is made with love and care

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