mini & me Superheroes
5 Oct
1 Nov
mini & me: We're All Superheroes Edition

Join our mini & me club at Eastland and gain exclusive access to our Superheroes Edition this October! 

Being a superhero doesn’t mean you have to be able to fly, possess x-ray vision or host invisibility powers. 
Real-life superheroes are those who strive to be the best version of themselves by being kind, caring, brave and honest. When you choose to use these heroic powers that we all have inside of us, you can achieve more than you could ever imagine!

So our mini superheroes, let’s get ready to go on an incredible adventure together full of imagination and fun. By joining our mini & me kids club you gain access to four episodes with the hilarious Super Girl who needs your help to complete top secret missions as we try and save Emma!
Every episode will take lots of superhero practice so make sure you’re dressed in your most powerful outfits and are ready to have lots of fun along the way!

If your little heroes need some time away from the screen, how about you break out those pencil cases and download our mindfulness coloring in sheets from our friends at Pocket Squad Girls! 
Learn all about this exciting collaboration below!

Looking for more of a creative challenge? Why not create your own comic book strip or your own mini superheroes at home with our downloadable activity sheets, there are five to choose from, BOOM! Mission solved!

Superhero Video Release Dates:
Monday 5th October – Super Salad Girl Episode
Monday 12th October – Super Smart Girl Episode
Monday 19th October- Super Silly Girl Episode
Monday 26th October – Super Steps Girl Episode



Did we mention that just by registering, you automatically go into the draw to win a Superhero prize pack from our friends at Dymocks! Good luck!
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Photography: Mini Mo Peeps

Pocket Squad Girls join forces with Eastland

Eastland are proud to partner with the team at Pocket Squad Girls, a local business who design extraordinary, vibrant pocket-sized dolls that aim to empower children with everyday girl powers! Each doll has its own set of unique traits, talents and designs that connect with your mini me to encourage them to celebrate their awesomeness from the inside out! 

We thought it was only fitting we bring this superhero collection on board this special mini & me edition, highlighting the importance of a shared message, which is to eradicate all forms of bullying.

Eastland are proud to partner with the Alannah and Madeline Foundation who contribute their life’s work to this common goal. We would like to thank Pocket Squad Girls who generously donated over 800 dolls to the Alannah and Madeline Foundation in 2020.


Let’s meet the Pocket Squad Girl Gang!

Kind Girl – Kindness starts with you and me
Brave Girl – Be Brave, nothing is impossible
Creative Girl – Art is whatever you create
Sporty Girl – If you can dream it, you can do it
Honest Girl – When you tell the truth it feels good in your heart

To celebrate Eastland’s super collaboration with the incredible Pocket Squad Girls, we’re giving away a Pocket Squad Doll every week on our Facebook and Instagram pages! Make sure you’re following us for your chance to win.
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Just when you thought there couldn’t be more… we're giving away a money. can’t. buy. prize  a customised Pocket Squad Girls doll that you get to design from scratch, to match your little superstar's true style and spirit! Click here to enter

Competition opens 26/10/20 and closes 1/11/20. View the terms and conditions here

Learn more about Pocket Squad Girls today!


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