Eastland Spoonville
19 Oct
31 Mar
Spoonville has landed at Eastland
You’re invited to join the Eastland Spoonville family

We have all smiled and enjoyed seeing the creative Spoonville villages pop up all over the world and in our own backyards! This creative and fun way of keeping the community connected during lockdown is something we have all admired and needed during these difficult times.

So, get your spoons ready friends because we are thrilled to announce the arrival of Spoonville at Eastland! The newest neighbourhood on the block launches on October 19 in Ringwood Town Square, Level Three!

We are excited to invite you and your community to be a part of this colourful and creative phenomenon by including a piece of yourself, your family or a special character in this new village!

We want this beautiful initiative to flourish beyond these trying times and be remembered for years to come. So, that’s why at the end of Summer, we will be collecting all the characters that made the journey to Eastland Spoonville to carefully be placed into a time capsule which will be locked away until 2040. This time capsule is a keepsake of the positive and united connections the Maroondah community shared during a difficult year for the world.


How Do I Get Involved?

We have curated some colourful and inspiring templates and designs including key holiday themes such as Halloween and Christmas, that you can download and use as a guide to help create your Eastland Spoonville character.

Download the Eastland Spoonville DIY Wardrobe

Download the Eastland Spookyville Halloween Wardrobe

Download the Eastland Spoonville Costume Play Wardrobe

Download the Eastland Spoonville Summer Essentials Wardrobe

Download the Eastland Spoonville Christmas Wardrobe

Eastland will be reaching out to local community organisations, sporting clubs and schools to create a spoon that represents their community, Ringwood and the wider Maroondah municipality.
If you would like your community to get involved please reach out to marketing@eastland.com.au to receive your “community Spoonville craft pack”.


Where is Eastland Spoonville?

The newest suburb in town will be located in Ringwood Town Square (Level Three) from 9.30am – 7.30pm daily. We invite you to come and place your spoon in one of our dedicated planter boxes, which will remain until it’s time for the Spoonville capsule to take off on March 31, 2021.


👻 Halloween Spooksville Village ğŸŽƒ

Plus, to celebrate Halloween we will have a dedicated SPOOKSVILLE village in front of Woolworths, Level One from 23 October – 2 December.

Don’t forget we have a Halloween special template you can download to help build your spooky character, ready for its new home in Spooksville at Eastland!

Share your pictures and help Eastland Spoonville spread around the East – #SpoonvilleEastland #SpoonvilleInternational


♻️ Let’s Recycle and Re-use! â™»ï¸

Did you know our Spoonville neighbourhood has been created by using old garden beds and leftover crafts from past activations and events at Eastland? 

We encourage all Spoonville characters to be created using leftover arts and crafts you might find around your home, such as off-cut fabrics from damaged towels, ribbons or scrunchies!

All soil purchased will be recycled into the Eastland Community Garden to assist in growing natural vegetables and herbs for our local families.

Lacking materials at home? Look to your garden by using an array of leaves or flowers to create a Spring themed friend!

Let’s avoid harmful plastics to protect our beautiful world and local wildlife.