2 Sep
18 Oct
Fill the Malls with Memories

We captured our community's amazing stories to fill up our [metaphorical] mall with memories. Here's what they said...

Eastland is looking a little different during lockdown, and we would like to say a little thanks to everyone in our community who is playing their part to keep the centre as a safe place for essential shopping.
While we can't connect like we usually would at our wonderful stores, buzzing events and meeting places, we thought it would be the perfect time for our community to share their special moments, memories and photos from Eastland from years gone by.

We've captured some of our community's fondest Eastland memories and photos and filled up our [metaphorical] mall with memories.

Here's some of our favourites:

"Grateful for the time Eastland hosted the Wonderland Speigeltent in all it’s glory! Was the greatest night out, incredible entertainment curated by Karralyka. Loads of laughs." - Natasha


"Not only have I worked at Eastland for 18 years this year. I live close enough to shop.here as well and have lived in this area for 30 years. I've seen many changes over the years. My daughter worked in 3 of the shops whilst in her teens. It really is like a second home." - Debra


"Lining up and sleeping overnight in the car park to buy U2 tickets many moons ago." - Anne-Maree


"Bought a test and found out I was pregnant in the eastland loos. Ran back and hugged the lady at the chemist!" - Belle

 belle baby cropped

"My 22nd birthday at 400 Gradi! I’m lucky to live very close to Eastland, since I was little I have seen it change so much and that’s pretty special. I also worked for the guest services team for 2 years, I was very lucky to be able to work in such a beautiful centre." - Erin


"We spent a week at Sage after our Daughter was born in October. Coming straight from hospital; It was so amazing to have their fantastic team look after us, while we had our family and friends visit us and our new bub. Each day we would wander around Eastland with the pram and meet friends and family in town square for dinner. It made our first few days as parents both easy super enjoyable!" - Kells 


"So many childhood memories from meeting friends at the pond in the food court before going to Juice Underage to Saturday night family dinner at Balsamic or Fasta Pasta ..... my favourite shopping centre of all time!" - Sarah


"First dates with my now husband were at Eastland. The very first one was coincidentally on Valentine's Day, staff were handing out chocolate hearts. It was so long ago (2007) that the photos of the days are on an old memory card somewhere, from an actual CAMERA" - Jacinta


"Many years ago, there was a man who walked around with a portable p.a. system, doing advertising for the shops and running competitions. One day I was chosen to spin the prize wheel and I won the grand prize ... a carton of milk!" - Allison


"Some 30 years ago playing the recorder in a primary school performance. Sorry shoppers!" - Chanelle


"We absolutely loved the Halloween day that Eastland presented in 2019. Fantastic event for the children, well done." - Julie

halloween resized


"Hubby & I launched a fashion ‘style advice’ app for David Jones called StylePass. It was launched with ads at DJs Eastland. We were so excited to walk into DJs & see our tech startup advertised on giant tv screens there!" - Delia


"Grateful for the time Eastland hosted the Wonderland Speigeltent in all it’s glory! Was the greatest night out, incredible entertainment curated by Karralyka. Loads of laughs." - Natasha


"The heavy wooden door handles of the Myer entrances - with the big arches over top. I was mighty impressed as a 6 year old lol." - Peta


"I had a first date, with my now, husband, at Balsamic. Loved that place." - Alex


"Working at the Alannah Hill store this year." - Beci


"Found out I was pregnant with my first baby in the eastland toilets haha cause I couldn’t wait to get home to take the test! She is three now!" - Lindi

lindi re sized

"Finishing up Christmas shopping & being asked “would you like a champagne?” Why yes, yes I would 🍾 From your little Christmas pop up that I had no idea about. Best shopping trip ever." - Christine


"15 years or so ago we had the family run What’s New novelty gift store. Now since the amazing renovations I have been able to enjoy Eastland with my son, can’t wait to be back, esp to visit the library, Holy Moly 🏌️‍♀️ Timezone, the movies!" - Elizabeth


"Just over nine years ago, I walked to Eastland with a boy from school and we had our first date. Six years later he brought my engagement ring from Eastland. 12 months after that we brought our wedding rings. 2 years later we still have dates nights there (when not in lock down) as husband and wife." - Emily