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Christmas 2021
Christmas gift guide for kids: our trending picks
Get ready to excite and delight on Christmas morning with these fun and exciting gifts for kids.
Published 29 October

Not sure what to get for your little ones for Christmas in 2021? This year, we’re making sure the theme for the holidays is all about FUN. From gifts that will excite their creative side, to educational products that spark curiosity, no matter the product, here at Eastland, we want to ensure that FUN is the common theme throughout it all.

When it comes to kids’ gifts, you can bet the stores will be filled with all the latest and greatest toys – which can sometimes be hard to sift through. Generally speaking, the top of your little one’s wish list to Santa will include some form of Lego or the latest magical invention that bubbles and brews until a fun toy appears. However, in a comforting approach for parents, this year there are plenty of imaginative-play products that encourage less screen time and promote a nostalgic way of play. From Jenga and puzzles to colouring in and finger paint, these gifts will help them express their unique personalities, while still being (you guessed it), FUN!

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