Friendship Ninja Zone
Friendship Ninja Zone
Creating a kinder world by empowering kids with friendship skills
Published 01 March

The Maroondah Positive Education Network in partnership with Eastland and the Maroondah City Council are bringing our Friendology program to life in Eastland.

This program teaches our young people how to manage their own relationship issues via a common “kid’ friendly language that empowers them to do that. The outcomes from this work is that our students are becoming better at managing their own friendship issues, can acknowledge and deal with “friendship fires” before they get out of control, and are more connected and happier at school, home and in the community.

In this interactive space our community of schools will be displaying what they are learning each month, which will be a different topic that fuels friendships – ie Friendship is Kindness in March. The space also provides an opportunity for our community to come and participate, learn the basics of friendology and be equipped to share back into their own spaces they live, work and play.

We look forward to welcoming our Maroondah community into our Friendship Ninja Zone from March 2020.







Ringwood North Primary School



Kalinda Primary School