School Holiday Activities
Keep the kids busy these school holidays with these fun-filled activities!
Published 30 June

Are you on the hunt for some fun and engaging activities to keep your tribe entertained these school holidays? 

Well, you’re in luck! We’re sharing a bunch of fun-filled activities, perfect for a variety of primary school age groups. Oh, and did we mention that all of the ideas below are quite cost-effective? That means you don’t need to bust the bank to keep your little ones busy. 

Plus, a few of these DIY activities will need to unfold across several days, meaning they will keep your kids preoccupied quite a bit of time (…we know right, score!). 

Keep on reading to discover ideas that are sure to keep the kids busy these school holidays. 


1. Grow your very own crystal garden 

We don’t know about you, but to us nothing says ‘fun’ quite like a good old-fashioned DIY project—and this one’s a doozy! 

Smiggle have put together this awesome DIY galactic crystal growing kit, which—as you probably guessed, allows your little one to grow their very own crystal clusters! 

The best part is that once your child has finished growing their magical crystal cluster, they can proudly display their work in their bedroom or playroom. 

The pack includes all of the items you’ll need and is suited for ages 8+.            

Smiggle, Crystal DIY Kit, $12.95.


2. Create your own slime 

Allow your little one to unleash their inner mad scientist and create their very own ‘mind-blowing’ slime with the Slimeology 101 kit from Target. 

This kit allows you to create five unique slimes with different colour varieties and scents, including glitter slime, neon slime, foam slime, glowing slime and scented slime.

The pack is suited to ages 6+ and has a few chemical elements, so we would recommend you supervise your little ones while they use this DIY kit.

Target, Slimeology DIY Kit, $15.00.


3. Enjoy a movie night at home in your matching pyjamas  

As the temperature starts to cool down outside, there’s no better time to get cosy and settle in for a night of family fun at home.

Round up some old sheets, grab the pillows off your bed and get the whole family involved in creating a pillow fort in the lounge room. Your fort will be the perfect cosy base for your movie night in!

Want to take things to the next level? We recommend these adorable matching family pyjamas from Peter Alexander, which feature everyone’s favourite movies characters, the minions! 

Peter Alexander, Family Sets, individual prices vary depending on the pyjama set. 


4. Family lunch at Grill’d 

We know that feeding the little members of your tribe (and their sometimes-fussy taste buds) can be tough, but we’re quietly confident they will be fans of the delicious kid’s options at Grill’d. 

Grill’d offer a range of ‘mini me’ packs, complete with a super-cute mini burger, mini chips, juice or water, plus a little toy.

We love that Grill’d has put so much consideration into supplying quality produce for their healthy burgers. Who said take away food can’t be tasty and nutritious?!

Grill’d, Mini Me Packs, price dependant on items. 


5. Get creative with this design and engineering game   

Let your child explore their ingenuity with this fun design and engineering game!

The Dabble Lab marble game engineering kit helps kids to learn the basics of designing games. As your little one customises their own ‘marble maze’, they will concurrently learn the art of planning, creating, designing and testing fun visual ideas. 

The best part is that the game’s layout can be customised using over 25 interchangeable pieces, meaning this fun kit can keep your mini engineer entertained for quite some time. 

You can find this pack, suitable for ages 6+, in-store at Kmart.

Kmart, Dabble Lab Marble Game, $19.00.


6. Treat your mini me to a new video game 

Is your little one into gaming? The team at JB Hi-Fi have an abundance of video games suited to a range of devices—from Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, through to Xbox One. 

A game many families are currently loving is Minecraft, an interactive game that invites your child to create, use their imagination and go on virtual adventures! Plus, your child can band together with friends through either multiplayer or online options.

Minecraft is rated PG. 

JB Hi-Fi, Minecraft, $39.00.

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