A Stylish Stroll through The Arcade
Sometimes the best finds are down the path less travelled
Published 27 July

Sometimes you need to go off the beaten track to discover something truly special. In Melbourne, you never know what gems you’ll find hidden down its many laneways; and the same can be said for The Arcade here at Eastland. Located on Level 2, it’s home to some lesser known stores that are well worth a veer off your usual path.  

Tucked in The Arcade is a curated collection of boutique shops and concept spaces starring local and international artisans, experts and up-and-coming designers that break away from the norm. Always evolving, it is an eclectic mix of inspirational souls and stores that few may know, but for those that do – you’ll keep coming back for more.

Inspired by the laneways Melbourne is so famous for, The Arcade offers the same allure and intrigue – you never know what great new piece you might uncover next. It is the place you go when you’re looking for something unique, unexpected or that one treasure that is missing from your collection. From creative craftsmanship to makers with a flair for adding luxury to your wardrobe, home and beyond, something special can always be found in The Arcade.

Sisko Chocolate

Why settle for a chocolate bar when you can devour a cocoa masterpiece?! Sisko Chocolate has been Melbourne’s chocolate master since 2009 and continues to push the boundaries on what wonderful things can be created with the hero ingredient. Sisko Chocolate is probably best known for their chocolate flowers (their founder, Christina Tantsis happens to be a former floral designer), and are truly delicious works of art, although their chocolate spheres are equally impressive. It’s all about attention to detail, immaculate presentation and a flare for the unexpected. But if you’re less after wow factor and instead are seeking indulgence of the highest form, they deliver on that front, too. Be warned – all willpower to resist temptation will be lost at the door.

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2 plus A

The beauty industry isn’t the only one to have benefited from the creative minds coming out of Korea. 2 + A’s collections of men’s and women’s apparel and accessories take inspiration from Korean and South East Asian fashion to deliver the latest in international fashion trends before the rest of the world even catch on. Think cool finds, high quality yet reasonable prices so you can keep coming back for more.

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Artisan Home, Kids and Pets

Artisan Home has curated a stunning collection of handmade homewares and thoughtful lifestyle products. Discover hand blown glassware, artisan soap, earthy homewares, hand painted ceramics, crafted mirrors, selected prints from Australian artists, essential oils, Melbourne made candles and more. Designing and sourcing pieces that bring colour, design and joy into your home, Artisan Home invite you to experience the local and global makers' stories, and fill your home with new ones.

Now discover Artisan Home Kids and Artisan Home Pets! Artisan Home Kids is passionate about natural materials for children and learning through play, providing an experience to help our tiny folk to explore and grow. In Artisan Home Pets they've searched far and wide to bring you the best photo worthy products for your favourite little non-human. Everything from beds, bandanas, funky collars, leads and the cutest little clothing outfits you just need to come and see.

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Theodore Designs

Theodore Design offers a range of luxury accessories from cufflinks to ties, and wallets to jewellery. Their stylish collection extends both men’s and women’s designs, with options to suit many personalities.

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Experience the richness of what Eastland has to offer.
Experience the richness of what Eastland has to offer.
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