Healthy BBQ
Healthy BBQ
Make good on all those healthy #2018goals and still enjoy the backyard or beachside BBQ. Here's some ideas to get your ‘Q looking a little lighter.
Published 09 January

You can make good on all those healthy #2018goals and still enjoy the backyard or beachside BBQ. Done right, it can actually be a light and healthy way to cook. Swap out the sausages, fried onion and buckets of oil for some fun, fresh flavours this summer. Here are some ideas to get your ‘Q looking a little lighter:

Low and Slow

When we think BBQ, it’s often hot, quick and deliciously charred. But you can also inject big flavour – and keep the calories down – by slowing it down. Skip the oil and go for citrus and herbs, spices and rubs.

Wrap whole sweet potatoes in foil and roast in coals or on the grill with the top down. They’ll go sticky and sweet and are packed full of vitamins and minerals.

Stuff whole fish with sliced citrus fruits, fresh herbs and aromatic veg like fennel – wrap in foil and cook on the grill. It will steam in its little parcel, becoming wonderfully tender and beautifully flavoured. 

A simple spice rub and a low ‘n’ slow approach will elevate roast lamb or pork to a whole new level - tender, fall apart meat that doesn’t need any extra oil to be delicious.

Go veggo

Some members of the family might need a little convincing at first, but a tasty way to lighten up is to swap out the meat for vegetarian options.

Kids will love gnawing on char-grilled corn. Blend up some avocado, lemon, fresh herbs, a little olive oil and sweet paprika for an egg-free alternative to mayo to drizzle on top. Or try out a veggie burger in place of the beef.

Sweet Stuff

You can create a show stopping dessert on the BBQ too – and it doesn’t have to go straight to the hips.

Throw some fruit on the grill to caramelise and layer up with a little Greek yogurt, some toasted nuts and a drizzle of floral honey or rose water. Stone fruits are in season in summer – use a mix of peaches, plums, nectarines and apricots for some serious colour. Pineapple and mango also work brilliantly.

A few slices of grilled fruit are a yummy addition to a salad alongside your spiced slow cooked lamb and roast sweet potato. A healthy dinner on the table and only the grill to clean? Sounds good to us.


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